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    Started as a small company, ALFA PRINTING continues to go forward with strong steps to become the sector leader.Our company as a principal, use the latest technologies to offer best services to its customers.


    With our motto; “Your solution partner for packaging.” we follow and manage each step of our customers all design and modeling needs at our modern graphics design department.


    Our company with its experienced, talented team and 20 years of experience, continues to serve our customers with joy and proud while keeping customers and quality product at our focus. Our power comes from being a big family here at ALFA. With this energy we will always continue to produce the best quality materials for our customers.


    ALFA MATBAACILK, Ali Öztürk ve Ş. Fatih Harbutoğlu start activity with partnership from Topkapı to 1998 years. Within years 2003 from 2500 M2 building and ultimately in 2010 years, Becoming today start activity 8000 m2 area involving moved to facility from Kıraç. 120 people giant staff and 24 hours work principle with customer at night-daylight giving service honour.

    Industrial packing do production every kind pack areas cooperation today available situation years 1200 ton carton wave raw material and handle per years 50 million layer pressing do honour represent internal and external marketing our country.